The Greenhouse Lab sits at the relational center of a grassroots network of leaders and organizations that has been serving Aliquippa, Pennsylvania, and the surrounding region for 15 years. This organic movement of organizations and social impact initiatives is defined by relational honor – championing one another’s successes and serving one another’s needs. We believe this provides a solid foundation defined by quantifiable on-the-ground success as well as qualitative relational strength.

The Lab has a physical presence on Franklin Avenue in Aliquippa, offering shared working and meeting space for leaders creating businesses, non-profits, or social impact initiatives. We offer a service platform to emerging leaders who wish to create new initiatives including financial services, marketing assistance, shared workspace, strategic planning, and training. Participants will also be able to access mentoring and coaching relationships. More importantly, the Lab’s physical presence gives access to a growing number of emerging leaders to an existing network of relationships, allowing them to build off of the relational strength and success of the already-existing grassroots renaissance taking place in Aliquippa and beyond.

The Greenhouse Lab gives access to emerging leaders who wish to participate in this burgeoning movement and can impart to them a way of doing community development that puts first the needs of the most vulnerable. This success can be transferred even to other communities in time, many of which would benefit from their own unique version of this kind of grassroots movement.